Do you want to be a Pastor?

Not much of a blogger, but just thought I would document my thoughts and feelings during the course of my study at Oak Hill.

Been here for just under three weeks, and relatively everything is going well. I am enjoying the lectures, the people and the environment as a whole.

As I have met new people (outside of bible college) who ask me of what I do, the general response when I tell them I am studying Theology is:

Do you want to be a Pastor?

Now, aside from my views on female pastors and scriptures clear instructions on the qualification for an elder, I realise many (even close friends) may not understand why I have chosen to take this course. So I thought I’d lay it out with three brief statements.

  1. I have a love for the Lord and His Word
    Now this is not some awesome special anointing I have, as it ought to be true of every one that names the name of Christ. Nevertheless I desire to understand the scriptures further than my personal bible studies can take me. I want to sit under learned men and women who have given thought to things that have never crossed my mind.
  2. I love working with young people
    My course focuses on children, young people and how best to communicate the gospel without distorting its message. I have previously studied youth work but was quickly frustrated by the restrictions placed on me to share my faith.
  3. I want to encourage more women to get into ‘Theology’
    I wholeheartedly agree with the title of R.C Sproul’s book “Everyone’s a Theologian” because whether you like the word or not once you have a view of who God is, you’re stepping into the realm of theology.
    Still there is a great need for women in theology (not to be pastors) but to assist the work of the church where needed.
    That is not to say that you need some type of formal education to be a help to your local church, however it does in many ways make you more equipped.

My time here so far has been a great blessing, still please keep me in your prayers as the work is beginning to pile up.

“What You Think…Matters”

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